Having erected a driftwood pole from which to display a couple of banners, we began to search for an Upper Peninsula flag. Finding none, we created our own simple design. The "U.P. Above" logo is derived from the popular U.P. term "Down Below" referring to that portion of Michigan south of the Mackinac Bridge. Yoopers tend to believe that people arriving from "Down Below" should take a tranquilizer when they cross the bridge, to help them adapt to the calmer pace of life offered by the U.P. The U.P. logo is also the theme behind a new artistic enterprise. Nancy is making silk painting hangings of which the U.P. is her major theme. Trillium, Blueberries, and Autumn Leaves are three of the favorites at the nearby Garden Gallery, where she has hangings on display.
If you have interest in learning more about the flag or her silk painting hangings, contact her at [email protected]

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